BKBBL feed http://bkbbl.com/ Black Knight Games Blood Bowl League RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:45:21 +0000 OBBLM 0.95 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (2) vs. Luscious Lustrian Ladies (1) An improbable blitz followed by a line rat doing his best gutter runner impression sealed a 7th straight victory for the Tiger-Rats http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-22 23:51:08 Match: The Bruised Egos (0) vs. Hamilton Tiger-Rats (4) The continued dominance of star gutter runner Terrence Tall-iver continued with four touchdowns in this one. After the game he was quoted as saying "No elf is gonna upstage me. Think they can take my TD crown, well I got a message for them. You can take my crown from my cold dead hands." A note from Tiger-Rats management - we would prefer Terrence's hands remain alive as they are valuable to this team. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-22 01:07:56 Match: Los Axlotl Chargers (2) vs. Longwood Striders (3) in a game full of Twists the Chargers, where out blocked out scored and out classed. The first half at the 2 minute mark saw two saurs seriously injured, allowing the game to be 2-1 Striders. The second half turned around for the Chargers as they were able to tie it up, casualty a couple of the Striders, but with so few players they were not able to stop the Strider offence. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-21 23:10:35 Match: Rat Kings of Reikland (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) Sum tymez itz gud ta play on da home turf. We 'it the Field at the Blitzadome ready to play sum ball. Den in da opening minutes wot 'appenz? Dem schemey rat fings scores a Tuchdown! We checked da rulez an' it turns out dat 'dem is allowed ta do that! Who knew? So we getz da ball again, an dis time Cunnin' don't make no mistakes. 1-1 at da 'alf. Second alf started wiv da rats makin' a move for da endzone again, an ended wiv dem runnin fer da hills. Varag wuz nice enough ta give da ball to Jonsey so 'e could get a touchdown like a Blitza! Da Rat Kingz aint feelin very royal afta dis one! http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-20 23:51:20 Match: Pact Tactics (2) vs. Skinkz 4 Dayz (1) Lots of game played. Need to check if a MNG player can subsequently MNG due to sponsorship. Player #5 http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-20 21:54:07 Match: Tallymen (2) vs. The Slither Squad (1) Tallymen attained Residency at a lovely new stadium with unbelievably poorly made dungeons. Even under the watchful eye of our Norse referee the Rotters spent most of the game sticking needles into unsuspecting skinks. After attaining residency, the Tallymen immediately spent their bloated treasury purchasing their new Stadium. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-20 14:28:52 Match: Snakes on a Plain (4) vs. The Pestilent Plague-ridden (0) In a horrific display of Elven treachery 'Snakes on a Plain' have some how managed to bribe, threaten and murder their way into an on going league. this resulted in the disappearance of a minor goblin team.. No questions were asked. The plague-ridden were woefully unprepared for a team with speed, skill and violence. Threk Garbbug was quietly assassinated mid game.. and no questions were asked about that either. The Snakes easily slithered up the scoreboard for 4-0 win in their first game of the season. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-19 21:08:40 Match: Longwood Striders (4) vs. DESERT STORM (1) It was a beautiful day for Blood bowl, the Storm were looking to break the Striders who are coming off a soft tie. The elves were hungry blitzing twice off the kick off and taking an early 2-0 lead after the first. Zara was a stake in the side of the Storm, as she showed up to hunt some undead and that she did. The second half saw the Striders go up by 3, the Storm marched back to make it 3-1, but a crafty play by the Elves saw Heronin lead Youlvon for his second TD of the game and the nails in the coffin for the Storm. Coach killip bet 250K on the over 5 Cas in the game, He was unable to cash in and was left with 70K after his winnings. It ended as a Stormy day for the Storm. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-17 14:08:35 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) vs. Skinkz 4 Dayz (0) So dere we wuz, finkin' we wuz gunna just 'ave a nice game o' bloodbowl 'gainst sum lizard fings when dis crazy guy wiv a chainsaw busts inta da changeroom (not sure wut we iz supposed ta change, who 'as more dan one pair o' clothes?) and demandz ta play wiv us. We tries ta say no, but 'e's 'avin' none of it. Says dat he iz gunna play, an' dat we'z gunna pay 'im ta do it. Not wanting ta get 'ole Fitz too full on Orc meat ta run, we decides "wut da hell, let da git play." Da boyz did an'uva good'un out on da field. Kept da squishy ones frum scorin, an mostly kept da 'ard ones from 'urtin anyone, until the last couple minutes when dem lizards got all stompy all da sudden. Da boyz'll be fine, but dey iz gunna 'ave to miss sum fun 'gainst da Rat Kingz next week. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-10 00:10:23 Match: Boomtown Rats (2) vs. DESERT STORM (1) good match http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-09 21:10:28 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (2) vs. The Slither Squad (1) The Lizards played it safe and nearly had the Rats stalled out but they didn't count on the vicious nature of the Tiger-Rats combined with the paper thin Saurus armour. Once the dust had settled the sneaky Rats were able to notch the game winning score late in the second half. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-08 00:17:26 Match: Playing Possum with White Lightning (2) vs. Skinkz 4 Dayz (3) The possums quickly learned that when you play with lightning, sometimes you get burned...and also, sometimes it strikes twice. A couple of well-timed blitzes put the lizards on their heels, but eventually the overwhelming numbers of the lizards finally outdid the underworld denizens. With another success, Sibli has taken notice and signed a contract for the remainder of the season with the scrappy skinks! http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-07 22:57:02 Match: The Bruised Egos (1) vs. Schluesselschloss Spoliators (0) First it snowed. Then the sun shined. And finally it rained blood as the Bruised Egos slowly pulverized the Spoliators for their first victory. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-07 21:58:36 Team news by Naggaroth Nightrunners The Naggaroth Nightrunners have invested in 70K into their Stadium fund. This is the first of 5 payments. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-07 14:16:07 Match: Schluesselschloss Spoliators (1) vs. Crepuscular Cloacas! (2) After a close game, spotlight hogging ogre let the entire lizards line slip by for the game changing touchdown. Otherwise both teams had their sparring gloves firmly on. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-01 22:02:35 Match: Undead Poets Society (2) vs. Pact Tactics (1) Bob: After winning their first ever match hopes were high for the Undead Poets Society. But hopes diminished after the team dropped their next two. Could the UPS get back to their winning ways against the 1-1-1 'Pact Tactics'? Clint Sideline has that story from the locker room, Clint? CS: Thank you Bob. The Undead Poets Society would prevail in a game that those that actually could stand to watch until the end described as 'Bush League' and 'Worse than my high school Blood Bowl games'. The big question was, would the Undead Poets Society send out another team member to quote more terrible poetry, or would we be spared? The team's best player in the match, Dr Noose, would emerge and disappoint everyone with this statement: DrN: --One ghoul --Two ghoul --Good ghoul --Dead ghoul --Black ghoul --Blue ghoul --Killed ghoul --Hired ghoul --This one has two sweet TDs --This one has a pass complete --Say! What a lot --Of ghouls there are. CS: So there you have it Bob, not much to dissect there: they have ghouls on the team...seems pretty basic to me. I guess one died in the match, and the other scored both TDs, and apparently they're hiring a new one to replace the dead one? I don't really know Bob, and frankly don't really care. Back to you Bob! Bob: Adequate work Clint. There really is nothing like uninteresting coverage of a middling team. In news that people might actually care about... http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-01 21:25:22 Match: Shimmy n Shake Shamblers (1) vs. Hamilton Tiger-Rats (3) A well timed blitz sealed the victory for the Tiger-Rats who utilized an effective swarm tactic to confuse and confound the Shamblers. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-03-01 01:28:41 Match: Gob's Chosen (0) vs. Rat Kings of Reikland (6) While the fans engaged in a brutal war, Gob's Chosen had the unfortunate experience of trying to defend against skaven with only 5 players. http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-02-28 23:41:39 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) vs. Unnecessary Krewlty (0) Wot werz dat? We comez out to da field lookin' fer a good 'ole fash'un scrap 'gainst sum good 'ole fash'un Orcs n' wot da we gets? Sum fancy stay'dyum wiv all kinds o' extra bling, wizards throwin fya ballz, wizards changin' da weather, fans mobbin' our frower, itz MADNESS I tellz ya! Coach Derek n' Unnecessary Krewlty needz ta commune wiv Nuffle n' meditate on wot dis sacred game iz all 'bout (punchin' gitz, frowin' da occasional bomb, n' sumfin 'bout a ball I fink...) http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-02-27 23:59:18 Match: The Bruised Egos (0) vs. Playing Possum with White Lightning (2) FIRST WIN THE FOR HICK BOYS ON THE UNDERWORLD TEAM THEY DID SO WELL THAT THE SPONSORS FROM ORCRADE TOOK THEM ON http://bkbbl.com/ 2018-02-27 22:50:12