BKBBL feed http://bkbbl.com/ Black Knight Games Blood Bowl League RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Fri, 22 Sep 2017 20:05:10 +0000 OBBLM 0.95 Match: Mad Mice (1) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) Dem ratz wuz 'arder dan we thought, n' fasta, real fasta. We gotz dem inna end though. Dem doesn't like da sweet napalmy aroma n' smoky finish of Farblast & Sons demolitions, #1 in BOOM! http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-22 02:55:26 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (2) vs. The Massacre (2) Dem Massacre fellas is dead 'ard. We dont like dem much. Dey 'urt Toby real bad n' now him doesn't wanna play no more. Datz a blow to morale. http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-21 22:29:03 Match: Vampiro Loco (1) vs. Pint Sized Pests (2) "Regeneration is the worst thing ever" -Every Vampire Everywhere http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-21 18:12:00 Match: Hashut's Hellfires (2) vs. Shimmy n Shake Shamblers (0) Two of the top pointed teams in Griff's division squared off tonight. Three halfling refs made a questionable choice banning King Toots from the opening drive. A early hit on Hthald seemed to be career ending, but once the screaming stopped the apothecary had him back in the game on the next drive. Some lucky KOs for the Hellfires got them a serious numbers advantage to let them push up the field to score putting it 1-0. Now at full strength, the Shamblers received, after a scrum, broke free, with time clicking down on the clock they went for a late pass which was fumbled.They still got to receive in the second half. They drove down the field and caught the Hellfires out of position but maybe Gooby pushed himself too hard? Maybe there was too much Goober? Either way he tripped up right before the goal line. The Hellfire's managed to recover the ball, and still it was only by blitzing and multiple "go for it"s that Maulgrym was able to score in the closing seconds of the match. A great match to watch with plenty of hitting and lot of exciting fighting over the ball. http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-20 23:35:36 Match: Karlsberg Krusaders (2) vs. Vampiro Loco (1) "Thank the gods for Regen" -Every Vampire Everywhere http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-20 16:08:36 Team news by Gipfel Smokers Stadium: Broadcast Studio (Luxury) - Resident http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-19 17:03:54 Match: Karlsberg Krusaders (0) vs. The Massacre (2) another victory for the massacre this win has brought a major sponsorship with the farblast & sons ordnance solutions http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-18 22:46:33 Match: Bad Apples (2) vs. Naggaroth Nightrunners (1) Astrogranite... That's the word of the day. Many a dark Elf felt they needed to test their armor, bones and faces against it in what looks like a close game on paper. But felt it was anything but close as blackhoof stomped over Rikilena mercilessly in the 4th turn. The apothecary did everything he could for her, but a detached head is a detached head. No putting that back together again.. Except for those dirty undead teams. Meanwhile post match Bad Apples were offered the Astrogranite stadium as it was their best game all season and fans were over joyed with the slaughter they inflicted there. Sadly the Nightrunners contract with their stadium was revoked due to a breach in their contract known as "excessive failure to stay on the pitch". http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-18 15:52:52 Match: The Massacre (2) vs. Unnecessary Krewlty (1) good match the massacre won 2-1 http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-16 16:32:38 Match: Barak Varr Buccaneers (2) vs. Hamilton Tiger-Rats (3) "You make just one mistake and it's all, dodge, dodge, dodge, throw, touchdown. Every damn time." - Barak Varr Buccaneers Head Coach http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-14 00:03:47 Match: Bard Nation United (2) vs. Hashut's Hellfires (1) The Bards thought they were going into this game undermanned, but they didn't count on the Fan Nation! The Bards seemed to play the entire game with the crowd as a twelfth player, assisting from the sidelines, passing the ball to the Hellfire endzone, and hurling rocks, bottles, and hurtful hurtful words at the poor Chaos Dwarfs. Even so, it took a feat of incredible dexterity and luck for the Nation to squeak out a victory, and they aren't to keen to test their luck against the Hellfires a second time! http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-10 14:25:30 Match: Pint Sized Pests (1) vs. Mad Mice (4) After a devastating first couple of turns, the ref Thorgen cracked down on the cheating goblins and this finally made the game fair for the Mad Mice, who proceeded to score TD after TD. Fair play is important, kids. http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-08 23:40:17 Match: DESERT STORM (0) vs. Bard Nation United (3) Fans everywhere agreed it was one for the ages when Desert Storm faced off against Bard Nation United in this week's edition of Thursday Night Bloodbowl. Fake balls, end zone betrayals, and high-flying acrobatics were all on display, and that was just in the first half! In the end, the speed and agility of the Bard Nation carried them to a 3-0 victory, but with half of the Bards being carried off of the pitch on stretchers by the end of the game, the Storm could certainly claim a moral victory! http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-08 00:00:05 Match: Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) vs. Tallymen (1) Sum'un said dat it wuz a tie cuz we scored da same pointz, but I iz lookin at 'da beat up smelly mens an' finkin dat we is a winnaz! Waaaagh!!! http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-07 01:24:56 Match: Mad Mice (0) vs. Barak Varr Buccaneers (2) Game two of the double header had the Mad Mice coming aboard! There was some jarring before the match between the two coaches. This was shown on the pitch. For the second game in a row Glart made an appearance, and was a non-factor in both games. The dwarves tactic of grinding down the other team and their coach (mentally) is starting to show, they received in the first half running with the slope of the pitch, a quick start saw the mice down three players 1KO 1 Dead and 1 MNG. The Buc's stuck to their game plan and matched down the pitch ! The mice made a desperate block to push the ball carrier into the end-zone. The second half saw the Cabin boy with an ego trip, that didn't effect the Buc's game plan! The Mice saw the slope of the pitch and made a dash for the end-zone the Mice had the sped they didn't have the breaks and slipped and knocked himself out. The Buc's took this opportunity to lock the game up, a few more lucky blocks from the mice freed the ball up until the Captain decided to take control, he picked up the ball and marched the length of the pitch. At the 5 turn mark the mice coach decided to lay on the pitch like a coward and the Buccaneers scored their second touchdown. After the game the Mice's coach had this to say " that was the worst game we've ever had to play, it was zero fun, I felt,Ike the dwarven coach was just farming us the rookies." The dwarven coach, had this to say "sure he's a new coach our guys played their game, it's not our job to ensure he doesn't get beat on! I mean your rats we're dwarves it's been a feud forever, they got the same treatment as everyone else. I wish the Mice good luck against the Pests" http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-04 17:55:03 Match: De Other Guyz (0) vs. Da Bonehoard Blitzas (1) When the goin getz tough, da gitz get gone! We hit dem, dey hit us, da ball wuz somewhere I fink... Good 'ole fasion Bloodbowl at itz best if ya ask me! - Maxwell BLitzmore http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-09-01 02:10:17 Match: Hamilton Tiger-Rats (2) vs. Shimmy n Shake Shamblers (2) The Shamblers win the coin toss and want to receive the ball. The tiger rats set up and the kick the ball to their right. BLITZ!!!! Turn 0 and the Tiger rats invader the shambkers side and pick up the ball. An incredible start to the game. The shambkers knock the ball loose but can't pick it up. Officially turn 1 for the Tiger Rats and with super dodging skills, score a turn 1 touchdown. OH MY GOD, did the coaches just shake hands after a turn 1 opening touchdown? Yes they did, but that's because they forgot to,shake hands before the game and want to show good sportsmanship. The game wasn't over, they were just both shocked with the pre turn 1 blitz. with the hand shake now official, the shambkers pick up the ball, start the semi cage and work their way up the field to score with 2 turns to go. Can th Tiger rats score in 2 turns before the half ends? Normally yes, but when the sprinklers turn on, it makes it that much tougher, and they end the half just shy of the end zone. 1st half score 1-1 with the Tiger rats showing their speed and ability to dodge while the shambkers have been lucky enough to take 3 of the rats out for the game. Start of the 2nd half and a high kick h Los the Tiger rats out as they pick up the ball near the line of scrimmage. The play goes back and forth and the Shamblers pick up the ball and manage to get 1 square away from a TD when the Tiger rats knock the Ghoul down, pick up the ball, run to their right side in a hand offf, pass the ball half way down the fire field and sit on the ball a couple squares away and finally score leaving the Shambklers just three turns to try and tie the game. Change of weather and a Blizzard comes in. Going for it fails on a 1-2? Not good for the shambkers but great for all the speed 9 Tiger rats. Ball is kicked, failed go for,t blitz for the shambkers ends their turn with the shambkers carrying the ball and about 15 squares from the end zone. Tiger rats sees the shambkers error and wants to show them how it's done, a go,for it blitz and the blizzard is not kind as it's a failed go,for,it roll for the Toger rats. Last run of the game, Shamblers need a successful dodge, followed by moving 7 squares and then a go,for it with a blizzard to tie the game. Dodge is succesful, 1 square from the end zone and on the go for it, the coach rolls a 2. Dam blizzard. WAIT, there is the last team roll and the rerolls is succesful. A 2nd handshake and the final score is 2-2. A tie. http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-08-31 00:08:17 Match: Bad Apples (2) vs. Mad Mice (1) Bad Apples finally found a good pair of delicious touch downs! its been 3 games and only 2 touchdowns. but they came at a point when it mattered... when the Mad mice only had 1 TD. Mad MacIntosh was bruised and will be out next game. http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-08-29 22:30:22 Team news by Hashut's Hellfires Hellfire's sign Chaos dwarf blocker Vaulk! Pheasant De-Lousing Powder pay out settlement (one time sponsorship deal) http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-08-29 10:28:59 Match: The Pestilent Plague-ridden (0) vs. Hashut's Hellfires (2) The first half had the Hellfires run the ball down the side of the pitch, with an epic scrum between Malugrym + Pestulus. The ball broke free and the centagor ran it in and turned around to see most of the Hellfires knocked out or badly hurt! The second half had the Pestilent form a strong cage, but the blocks turned in favour of the Hellfires who caused injury after injury and carried the ball to score on the 8th turn again! A complete bloodbath! http://bkbbl.com/ 2017-08-29 01:34:15